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A 3-Night Residential Workshop

"SoulMotion," writes Vinn Arjuna, "is a movement ministry, a dance practice, and a philosophy of living that supports our unconditional acceptance of 'what is', it is a fearless exploration outside the box of the familiar sleep-inducing trance we sometimes find ourselves dancing to. We use the dance as metaphor for living a creative, expressive, and unified life of integrity, immensity, and intensity."


"Mastery resides in the everyday dance of a daily practice where we are invited to show up and listen in all directions. The voice of Mystery, the silent sound, will support you in this Mastery, as you stand at the crossroads of grace in move- ment and stillness. We cultivate the vertical drop of deep self as we are inspired and informed by another. As we practice this dance we become proficient in circular vision. We see everything which surrounds and we exclaim: “I am One with All-One"  shares Vinn Arjuna.

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In the practice of Soul Motion™, the dancer moves through four relational landscapes.

  • Dance Intimate.... we move alone - I am one
  • Dance Communion... we move with one other - I am one with
  • Dance Community... we move with everyone - I am one with all
  • Dance Infinity... we move our practice to the everyday life - I am one with all one

Dance Intimate, Dancing alone we renew our relationship with the body as a shifting shape in space.

Dance Communion, Inspired by interior impulses, sensations, and images the dancer begins to relate and communicate outwardly.

Dance Community, As dancers begin to move in ever widening circles, they receive and transmit information and inspiration to the larger dance happening all around them.

Dance Infinite, What happens in the dance room is a template for the everyday dance in the living world. We move out from the dance room sensing our environment more clearly, communicating with others with enhanced perception, and relaxing more readily with the challenges and obstacles that may dance before us.

This extended three day workshop will explore our relational moving body with each of these landscapes of the practice.


Vinn Arjuna Martí

An award-winning performer, choreographer, and Designer of Soul Motion. Vinn has been assisting individuals to realize their potential in creative movement and dance since 1976 when he established the innovative moving arts studio—Body Moves. Vinn now leads workshops and seminars internationally teaching Soul Motion™, his design for experiencing movement as meditation. He is also a chaplain at the Living Enrichment Center and a certified prayer practitioner in New Thought Ministries.

"Visionaries simply imagine what does not yet exist. We glimpse into a possible future. Soul Motion™ provides a vehicle for gazing toward each moment as movement. Our practice is unrehearsed and unknown, while being approachable and accessible." —Vinn Arjuna Martí

Madrona MindBody Institute (Residential Option) is a moving arts sanctuary located in Port Townsend, Washington, an easy drive from Seattle. Our learning campus is unmatched with it’s exemplary movement space - the floor and space are entirely delicious.  Group meals are provided (see schedule) with local cuisine provided by Bon Appétit Catering (food for a sustainable future).  Housing offers stunning vistas of two mountain ranges and full horizons of pristine beaches.  Nestled inside the "City of Dreams" 434 acre park.

Residential Retreat with Single Occupancy Rooms: workshop tuition plus your own single occupancy guestroom (twin bed) for 3 nights which includes delicious healthy gluten and dairy free meals, linens, bedding, Saturday Night's Salmon Potluck Dinner and other Madrona movement classes.

Meals are a great time to socialize with the other movers in your workshop.  Our meals are gluten and dairy free, created by our on-campus caterer, Bon Appétit.  Bon Appetit proudly sources much of its food from local and organic farms.  Our meals are abundant with fresh vegetables and greens, meat is local grassfed beef or pasture raised chicken.  You choose whether you want to restrict your diet to vegan, vegetarian, vegetarian plus fish, or omnivore. Every meal is catered so we need to know ahead of time what your preferences are.

Investment in this Workshop:

Workshop Tuition with lunches:$355 ~ ($325 tuition plus $30 lunches) includes group lunch on Friday and Saturday. Note: Sunday Lunch can be purchased at Madrona (seperately)

On-Campus Residential$744 ~ Includes workshop tuition, a single occupancy room in our dorm for 3 nights, and all of your meals, healthy delicious food, (dairy and gluten free)

Sign up Early!! First 10 to sign up for residential spaces receive a $70 discount!!! $674 total!

Or bring a friend who has never been to Madrona and one of you receives half price tuition.

This workshop provides 27 Credit Hours (for Soul Motion Leadership Training)

Discounted Tuition for Licensed Soul Motion Teachers and Leadership Graduates (10% off )

Special Friday Morning Gathering for Soul Motion Teachers and Leadership Program graduates -  to inspire and connect the growing Soul Motion Village.

For more housing information, please visit Accommodations & Provisions.

For more information on Port Townsend and transportation, please visit Transportation & Directions


Airporter SHUTTLE: To catch the Olympic Shuttle - plan to arrive to SeaTac (SEA - Seattle/Tacoma) airport no later than 12 noon.  Shuttle leaves at 12:50 and arrives in Port Townsend at 3:50 pm.

Workshop Hours

(may vary slightly):

Thursday: 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Friday and Saturday: 9:30-12:30 and 2:00-4:00 (may change slightly)

Sunday: 8:00-10:15 with Vinn (closing) ...then SoulFul Sunday with Aletia 10:30-12:00 (Group Lunch follows).

Workshop begins at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday evening and will end by 1:30 p.m. on Sunday.

Orientation Packet

..."it is the vision of far off things

seen for the silence they hold"

david whyte

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