Testimonials: What you have to say about Madrona


"How appropriate to transform a fort where soldiers were preparing for war into a sanctuary for dance, where the soul can find peace, the body deep rest and renewal! One enters the beautiful, historical structure at Madrona MindBody Institute, removes ones shoes and the stresses of life immediately begin to dissolve. This is a place where one can unwind and safely and supportedly come to a state of ease and graceful stillness while in motion. What joy, what peace, what a gift to seekers of greater consciousness and body awareness. A sacred place in the heart of a port where what comes in is transformed into something bigger and better-a new spaciousness rushes in like a river, there is a feeling of well being, and a belief again in possibilities and magic. I can't wait to come back, to walk in and leave my shoes, my rusty, old ways and disengaged body at the door. Soon, soon..." —Cantor Rita Glassman, San Francisco

"Madrona delivered well beyond my wildest expectations. WOW!!!!!! I have been in business a long time and like to WOW my clients but you two did an incredible job. And then of course there is beautiful shaman Vinn. It was a treat!!! Thank you and keep on that path. In humble gratitude." —Arie Vander, British Columbia

"Thank you so much for the beautiful weekend you offered and made happen! It was more than I could have ever imagined it might be! I wish I could send all of my friends to workshops there or transport them with the wave of a wand! My experience has changed something in a good and loving way. So many words that are still forming in my heart about the weekend. I look forward to more and more! Thank you!!! —Sandra Franklin, Seattle

"There's still so much goodness swirling out of our weekend with you at MMI that it's hard to know where to begin to express the gratitude we feel towards you and Alison, towards Lori and towards your wonderful group of volunteers. So, for our entire Dance tribe, I'm simply gonna express it with a very heartfelt THANK YOU, for all the beautiful nurturing we received from everyone on your team and especially from you. We are ready to schedule our workshop for next year. Ashe! Ashe!" —Sandy R. (Workshop Organizer)

"It is hard to imagine anyone else creating the space that Allison does for each of us to play and dance into our own unique experience of Nia. While there are many Nia masters, Allison brings a sense of permission and joy to each class, and it is like a flowing river to touch that stream each time and surrender to the magic of where the current moves me. Allison is filled with grace, verve, spark and spirit and it is her essence that brings such a rich and varied 'gifting' to each session. Here's to the life-affirming energy that she sets in motion!" —Kit P., Port Townsend

"I tell Allison, her Nia class saved my life. I love to dance and I was too out of shape to go to a standard dance class. Besides I thought I was getting enough exercise because I walk a lot. Every morning when I woke up my hip ached for an hour, but since Nia, that pain is gone. I feel so much stronger. I did Shakespeare in the park this summer in a physically demanding role, and never could have done it, if not for Nia. Like myself, I see women start her class, and in six months or less, it is very noticeable how much more confidence they have, they are more in their bodies, and they look strong and beautiful. Besides I so treasure the love and support Allison brings to the classes. If you don't dance, it's okay, if you can't lift your leg off the floor, it's all good. Every body and everybody will feel better after her class." —Michelle H.

"I thoroughly appreciate what you are offering to our community here on the Peninsula and I salute each and every one of you." ---C.C.