Soul Motion® at Madrona! 

Soul Motion™, designed by Vinn Arjuna Martí  is a celebration of creative attention and intention that blends  individual and community at play in the dance.  It's a facilitated movement journey that stays curious to both freedom and form.  There are no steps to follow yet an inner voice and yearning for creative expression is always ready to take the next step.  We practice.  We cultivate presence.  We open to the artistry and mastery of the unknown.  Soul Motion™ is a conscious dance practice and philosophy that invites and entices the authentic voice of our being into our everyday lives (both on and off the dance floor).

photo by Monique Ferris

photo by Monique Ferris

Soul Motion® Dance at Madrona:

  • Sunday 10:00-11:30am ~ Soulful Sundays

  • Tuesday 8-9:15am ~ Movement as Meditation
                        "Soulful Sangha"

Soulful sundays 10:00-11:30

with Michael Molin-Skelton & Aletia A. Alvarez

Come as you are; no previous dance experience needed.

SoulFul Sunday is a facilitated dance event.  Offered every Sunday. Cultivating connection through rhythm, movement, mindfulness and community. .

  • The dance is attended by a vibrant and diverse community of welcoming and friendly people, some of whom have practiced Soul Motion for years, while some ~ never before.

  • The invitation is to cultivate your creative-form of expression, bring a curious spirit and a YES to deepening your connection with self, other, community and SOUL.

  • The music is diverse—to engage a horizon of possibilities. The rhythm moment is unpredictable in what arrives.

  • The community is the celebration. Take part as witness, as mover, as a beholder of the One-Dance.

"We are bodies and souls in motion giving birth to the renewal of possibilities and accompanying the death of that which no longer serves the opening hearts. With souls in motion we call forth the warrior within to stand guard to all the ways we block the awareness of love and joy’s presence."
—Vinn Arjuna Martí

Arjuna Marti Soul Motion

" Michael is some kind of genius and gift. He's like a d.j., minister, stand up comedian, yogi, and a brilliant teacher who lets his students lead the way and doesn't talk very much." ~ Student

" Michael is some kind of genius and gift. He's like a d.j., minister, stand up comedian, yogi, and a brilliant teacher who lets his students lead the way and doesn't talk very much." ~ Student

 We begin together at 10:00. Doors open by 9:40 AM. Please arrive early and stay for the whole event.

"And then exhale, relax, and, sweet one, be wise ~ cast all your votes for Dancing!"
(wise words shared by Zuza Engler - Transformative Dance - Soul Motion™ Faculty)

Soulful Sunday is a community-based Soul Motion modality dance event.   A family-friendly environment that is adult-focused. Children under 11 are invited to attend if they come prepared to dance with their attending adult. 

Please no lifts above hip height—for the safety of others.

Community Potluck on the first Sunday of every month at noon.

Soulful Sunday Teacher schedule

Aug 4: Aletia (Yum~Yum Potluck - 1st Sunday after dance)
August 11: Chris Nock (Guest Teacher)
August 18: Aletia
August 25: Aletia

September 1: Aletia (Yum~Yum Potluck - 1st Sunday after dance)
September 8: Aletia
September 15: Aletia
September 22: Chris Nock (Guest Teacher)
September 29: Vic Cooper (Guest Teacher - Open Floor Co-Founder)

Movement as Meditation

Tuesdays - 8:00-9:15 a.m. ~  Aletia

Zuza Soul Motion

"Souful Sangha" ~ Movement as Meditation
Come deepen your connection to self and other with this joyful morning movement class!
Emphasis on breath awareness, and sequencing breath with movement. Flowing from one moment to the next with awareness that individual expression and creativity begins at home with our ability to occupy internal space. This is an ongoing class open to all and drop-ins.

We begin together—so please arrive at least five minutes early. Some mornings incorporate a 10-15-minute silent (stillness/sitting) practice at the beginning of class. Other mornings we will incorporate a walking meditation or contemplative movement exercise as a way to initiate spontaneous aliveness.

Movement as Meditation is lightly facilitated—offering individuals the opportunity to deepen in their own personal practice while exploring creative expression, creative relationships and divine dialogue. No experience necessary.

Our breath is the seed, the blossom, and the fruit of our awareness.
— Aletia Alvarez, Inspiration from class

"As the years have passed I find a grand appreciation and deepening for this morning class. Originality seems fresh at the earlier hours... yet I find a receptiveness in the practitioners. They are awake to the day and ready to cultivate connection to self and other. It's as if we illuminate the path, alone—together as we wake up the day. I am continually surprised, amazed and humbled by the power of this simple practice and the landscapes we traverse in this Tuesday morning movement space." —Aletia Alvarez

About Vinn Arjuna Martí creator and founder of Soul Motion, visit: Soul