Soul Motion™: The Practice

A 7-day workshop | practicum with Zuza Engler and Michael Molin Skelton

May 25-June 1st, 2013.

Soul Motion is a practice where we cultivate our capacity for listening to the deep wisdom of the body and the silent whisperings of the soul.

We spiral with curiosity at the crossroads of our past and our possibilities. When body meets soul, movement meets moment… a dissolution into spirit. This is the dance of the soul~in~motion.

This workshop, for the seasoned soul motion veterans and soul motion virgins alike, is a week-long dive into the architecture that supports the Soul Motion ministry with emphasis on pause presence, orbit orientation and echo inspiration.  Michael and Zuza, playing and praying together for the first time in this way, will be teaching to invite, inspire, incite and ignite the deep dance within each of us. 

Inquiries, structures, and points of view will be offered to facilitate this step-by step journey across the four landscapes of soul motion: dance intimate (solo), dance communion (duet), dance community (ensemble) and dance infinite (ritual space). we will investigate relationships between energy, motion, and space, moving to an eclectic mix of music from classical to experimental, including sacred chant, rap, jazz, contemporary electronica, and the great sound of silence.

Come take with us a rare behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of soul motion.  These two facilitators are lined up to tune your sense and understanding of this practice.

This workshop is open to ALL.  It is a base requirement (pre-requisite) for the Soul Motion Leadership Program and is based on the work and vision by creator Vinn Marti.

"Visionaries simply imagine what does not yet exist. We glimpse into a possible future. Soul Motion™ provides a vehicle for gazing toward each moment as movement. Our practice is unrehearsed and unknown, while being approachable and accessible." —Vinn Martí

Madrona MindBody Institute (Residential Option) is a moving arts sanctuary located in Port Townsend, Washington, an easy drive from Seattle. Our learning campus is unmatched with it’s exemplary movement space - the floor and space are entirely delicious.  Group meals are provided (see schedule) with local cuisine provided by Bon Appétit Catering (food for a sustainable future).  Housing offers stunning vistas of two mountain ranges and full horizions of pristine beaches.  Nestled inside the "City of Dreams" 434 acre park.

Residential Option with Single Occupancy Rooms: workshop tuition plus your own single-occupancy guestroom (twin bed) for 7 nights which includes most meals, linens, bedding, Friday Night's Salmon Barbeque Potluck Dinner and other Madrona movement classes.  Stay on campus with the rest of the group and deepen in this learning opportunity.


Workshop Tuition (includes six catered lunches): $734

On-Campus Residential SPECIAL includes workshop tuition plus your own single-occupancy guest room for seven nights, all lunches and breakfasts, and scheduled dinners (5/26, 5/28, 5/30 and 5/31 Salmon Barbeque Dinner on last Friday) at a "Leadership" rate of $94 | night

Total On-Campus Package: Tuition-$734 + on-campus special ~ $658 = $1,392.  Occupancy tax not included.  

Soul Motion: The Practice ~ provides 75 Credit Hours (for Soul Motion Leadership Program) first time in attendance and 85 Credit Hours for all returning dancers.  Soul Motion:  The Practice is a BASIC COURSE REQUIREMENT FOR THE SOUL MOTION LEADERSHIP PROGRAM.
Providing 36 CEUs.

Beginners, Believers and Beholders - ALL Welcome - Open Enrollment Workshop

Discounted Tuition for Soul Motion Teachers and Apprentices (those that have completed the Soul Motion Leadership Program) - tuition only:  $634 | $1297 (need to call Madrona directly to reserve your space).  Occupancy tax not included.

Arrival for registration (housing) begins at 4:00 p.m. (workshop starts at approx 6:30 pm)on May 25.  Workshop ends at Noon on June 1st.

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For more information about the founder and creator of this work: Vinn Marti go to:

For more information and individual websites about Zuza Engler and Michael Molin-Skelton (click onto their names)