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Vinn MartÍ Soul Motion Master Class

PLEASE INVITE YOUR FRIENDS: a one time only two-hour MASTER class with beloved Soul Motion teacher and founder Vinn Martì.


This offering will replace the regular SoulFull Sunday Class.  Great for people who haven't met Vinn and or those with busy schedules. Worth a drive from the surrounding area to take in the facilitated dance space - promising to be a spirited half day of transformation.

You will be dancing with practioners from around the country ... that are here for Vinn's 4-Day Workshop.  Join in on this diverse mix of enchanting dance folks.

Experience Vinn Marti the creator and founder of Soul Motion.  Conscious Dancer magazine calls him the "Minister of Soul".  

Vinn presented a mastery class in Berkley last month and he sold out well before the event day. Come early, music will be playing by 9:45. Join us in this dance with the Minister of Soul - Vinn Marti.

Pre-registration - $15 (by Oct 22nd)

At the door - $20