Madrona MindBody has a staff of well-trained and gifted teachers and practitioners who are dedicated to helping you create health and well-being for today as well as for the future.



Allison Dey - Co-Founder of Madrona MindBody Institute
Teaching: Nia, Nia Lab, Nia 5 Stages of Development & Wildcore

Allison Dey loves to explore life in a body; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. She holds a BA in Social Sciences, after 20 years experience in teaching, training and social work, she is currently doing her life's work teaching Nia and founded Nia Port Townsend in January 2005. Allison is a Nia Black Belt Instructor. Allison has studied Nia, Gabrielle Roth's 5Rhythms, Soul Motion dance and other movement, meditation, healing arts, and body work modalities over the last 20 years. Allison has 2 boys growing into young adults. She loves to facilitate transformation in student's bodies using awareness, play, love and joy! She believes, "you were given this body, PLAY IT!"


David Conklin - Nia & Nia 5 Stages of Development

David took his first Nia class with Allison over ten years ago, and within days, knew that it was going to change his life. Within months, he knew that he wanted to teach, so in April 2007, he did his White Belt training in Portland. In August 2008, he became certified to teach Nia's Five Stages of Self Healing. In April of 2009, he completed his Green Belt training in Nia, his Blue Belt in September 2009, his Brown Belt in October 2010, and his black belt belt in August 2012. A nineteen-year resident of Port Townsend, David is a professional photographer by trade, and it has been a blessing to find another activity that ignites his passion as much as photography has over the years.

Wendy Chapman - Nia

Wendy Chapman.jpg

A former public school teacher in Seattle, I retired to Port Townsend in 2012 to live a creative life in this maritime community and live closer to my aging father.  I took my first Nia class in 2007 and it was an instant joy filled experience. It really is a movement practice for every body. For 3 years, I taught Nia to adolescents as part of the YMCA after school program.  Having reached the brown belt level in Nia training, I am honored to be instructing Nia in beautiful Fort Worden at Madrona Mindbody.

Jan Burr - Nia

Jan Burr action.jpg

An enthusiastic Nia instructor, Jan brings a wide range of movement experience to the dance floor: from the intimacy of Zydeco and Tango, to the crowd appeal of leading the Lawnchair Lady Marching Drill Team.  Her desire as a teacher is to share the joy of movement with others and to invite her students to expand their own movement vocabularies.  As a lifelong practitioner and teacher of massage therapy, she draws from a deep well of kinesthetic knowledge which she brings to life in her classes.  The  result?  Fitness, grace, and happiness all abundantly abound.
"My first Nia class was a birthday gift to myself 9 years ago and I've been dancing Nia ever since."  --Jan Burr



Jane has loved and studied dance all her life, from ballet to folk dancing. She first danced Nia in 1998, and began teaching Nia in 2000. Jane completed her Black Belt in 2005, and has taught in Santa Barbara and Mammoth Lakes, California, and Bozeman, Montana. Jane has studied yoga and TaiChi for many years and enjoys Nia's incorporation of movement forms. She moved to Port Townsend in 2019 and finds it a great place to enjoy how Nia brings her joy, fitness, and wonderful people to dance with.

Ann Christiansen - Nia & Sacred Athlete


Ann, born in Sweden, now lives and works in Hamburg Germany. With a 10 year career as a physical therapist/kinesiologist, Ann's history includes representing Sweden in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics as a long distance swimmer, and placing as swimming Masters World Champion in 1998. Ann discovered Nia in 1997 and has never stopped dancing since. She was the first Nia Teacher in Germany and continues to teach and spread the Joy of Nia throughout Europe. In addition to teaching and training Nia students, she has worked with stress management, chakra balancing and sound therapy. Ann is currently a Trainer for White Belt and Blue Belt. She is the first selected "Nia Teacher of The Year" in 2008.

Megan MacArthur - Nia

Megan MacArthur.jpg

Megan has been dancing since she was three years old. Megan’s first Nia class was the one she took on the first Sunday of her Nia White Belt Intensive in 1993. It changed her life completely. Upside down and rearranged by the new ways of Nia, she navigated, tore apart, rebuilt, re-structured, and scrambled the habitual into a world of experimental and organic. Megan was introduced to living life as “real” joy, as sensations felt only now, and to body wisdom as it educates. Megan’s career as a performer began to reach new depths and heights. As a Nia instructor in New York and Hawaii, sharing the Joy of Movement continued to expand her life. Her self confidence grew, endurance increased, and the Joy of movement became her truth.

Kevin VerEecke - Nia Trainer and Choreographer

Kevin VerEecke

Kevin began teaching Nia in 2001 after 15 years of dance training and performing. He is now a Nia Black Belt, Trainer and choreographer for Nia HQ. Kevin has helped develop the 52 Moves Training with Debbie Rosas, and is currently developing an Athletic Nia program. “Masterful” “Outrageous” “Exciting and Fun” are how his students describe his classes.