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Soul of HUMANITY Nia Playshop

With Special Guest Teacher, Randy Miller and Allison Dey

Past Event

Join Guest Teacher Randy Miller (from L.A.) and Allison Dey (co-founder of Madrona) to venture beyond your usual movement habits, to embody yin and yang, to create balance and well-being in your body.  An exploration of the holistic form of Nia and the freedom of  your soul in motion. Both Randy and Allison are Nia Black Belt Teachers and Soul Motion Leaders-in-Training.

This 2 hour Nia playshop is an amazing introduction to the Nia Technique AND a dynamic experience for Nia lovers.


Come with clothes to move in, bare feet and the desire to experience the exhilaration on Nia and a deeper exploration of your free dance.

Celebrate the New Routine "Humanity," Carlos Aya-Rosas, Co-founder of Nia, last Nia Routine. Great music (see below for more info). Humanity music CD will be for sale $15.

Pre-registration $18/ $22 at the door/Madrona "Unlimited" is 15% off

The focus of Humanity is yin and yang.The intent is to find balance through polarity in movement expression.This routine explores yin and yang movement dynamics while tapping into the five sensations of fitness: flexibility, agility, mobility, strength and stability. It teaches you to integrate soft, artistic motion with powerful, linear motion. Venture beyond your usual movement habits to embody harmony using opposing forces.

The compilation of music for "Humanity" presents a balanced combination of yin and yang dynamics, featuring the deep, aboriginal beats of Ganga Giri and Cybertribe, the funk of Afterlife, the Arabic melodies of Cheb i Sabbah, and the sensuous vocals of Norah Jones. Discover an unparalleled harmony through the musical landscape of polarity.

Randy Miller

Nia Black Belt Instructor
 and Madrona Guest Instructor

Randy Miller is an inspiring, dynamic, and energetic Nia Instructor who shares the spirit and joy of movement with each of his students.

In his hometown of Fayetteville, Arkansas in 1997, Randy discovered Nia and reconnected with his playful, child-like dancer within – a part of him that had been lost for too long. Two short years later, he became a certified Nia Instructor and has been teaching numerous classes ever since. Randy’s passion to share the work of Nia has inspired him to deepen his knowledge of the body’s physiology and it’s connection to the mind and spirit.

He regularly attends trainings and workshops which facilitate his talent for creating unique, soulful, and liberating “movement” experiences.

Randy’s other artistic interests include: Body Tattooing & Adornment. He currently lives in Los Angeles and teaches classes in the South Bay, Torrance, and West L.A.