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TRUE COLORS - An Interactive InterCultural Concert


An Interactive InterCultural Concert

Join Quanita Louise and Judith-Kate Friedman for an interactive evening of music, spoken word and improvisation exploring and celebrating the intersections of culture, identity, ethnicity, race and class in community.  

“True Colors” will give an all ages audience an opportunity to participate as well as listen. The artists will share poetry, song, conversation and spontaneous creation with each other and all who are present on the theme of “being our full selves with each other in community.” 

From inner landscapes and stillness, to raising our collective voices in song and exuberant celebration, the evening will open the way for fresh insights, heart-felt exchange, and deepening authenticity.

“We are living in a time when the freedom to express one’s identity and celebrate our differences – in terms of culture, ethnicity, race, religion and also age, ability, class, sexual orientation, etc. –is of key concern everywhere, including in Port Townsend and the region. Creating welcoming communities is about affirming culture,” says Judith-Kate.

"As artists, we wish to use the arts to address what’s happening around us and bring tools to support collective inquiry. We’re seeing a rise in -  and greater awareness of- hatred, fear, and divisiveness between all kinds of people - and these are all often rooted in confusions that reaches back centuries. Together, we can change this.”

Quanita adds: “What has our attention has really deep heart and meaning. All these can be used as portals to knowing ourselves and each other.”

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This experience is the first in a two-part weekend

The inquiry deepens on the following day, Sunday April 23rd, at 3pm, at the Cotton Building in downtown Port Townsend, as Quanita and Judith-Kate facilitate a community conversation entitled “Being Curious Together About Race: A Time for Learning and Connection.”

Join us to discover what happens when we are curious together. We’ll build understanding and trust, allow fear, despair, and grief to be catalyzed in healing, and find new levels of honesty, courage, freedom and connection with each other.

The True Colors Weekend and Sunday’s Being Curious… Community Event are presented with the support of the Port Townsend Arts Commission and Songwriting Works Educational Foundation.  Admission is open to the public on a “Pay As You Wish” basis in advance (as noted below) or at the door. Reservations are recommended.  Donations will be gratefully accepted to support event costs.



Quanita Louise M.A. is an international spiritual teacher, speaker, author, life coach and a personal and professional development resource dedicated to addressing embedded trauma through healing workshops, retreats, and rituals. In 2016, she presented at the NAACP National Convention on Community/Police Relations and served as the Keynote Speaker for The National Diversity Conference in Brazil. She holds a master’s degree in Organizational Management and Development with a concentration in Integral Theory. Quanita is a keeper of ancient indigenous wisdom from the Dagara Tribe of Burkina Faso, West Africa. As a water spirit, she brings the gifts of forgiveness and reconciliation—serving as a peacemaker and bridge builder to communities around the world.

Judith-Kate Friedman is a songwriter, vocalist, improviser, producer, community music-maker and catalyst. As founder of Songwriting Works™ Educational Foundation, she is internationally recognized as an innovator in music education and community building through song. On stage and off, Judith-Kate creates contexts in which people of all ages and raise their unique voices together. Working in the Oral Tradition, her collaborations connect people diverse in culture, physical and cognitive health, education and economic circumstances. To date, in addition to her own compositions, she has co-written more than 320 original songs in collaboration with 3,400 elders, youth, and families, ages 4 to 106.

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An independent 501c3 educational foundation based in Port Townsend, Songwriting Works Educational Foundation (SW) is internationally recognized as an innovator in intergenerational education, creative aging, arts and wellness, and cultural equity and restoration.  SW fulfills its mission to restore joy, hope, health and community through song by engaging neighbors across the continuum of health, age, and musical background in collectively composing and performing their own original songs. Founded as an artist-in-residence project in California in 1990, SW began serving the North Olympic Peninsula and Salish Sea/Puget Sound communities in 2009, with support of the National Endowment for the Arts.  To learn more about the organization, volunteer opportunities, facilitator training and SW’s long-awaited ‘Life’s a Song’ recording visit :       

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