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Friday, June 21
6:30-9:00 PM

COST: $30

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Will Whitesmith has been a shamanic practitioner for twenty years and an explorer of the multiverse for over fifty years. His life's work is to become a "True Human Being" which he sees as being fully actualized in his understanding of the nature of reality while being a compassionate witness, guide, and supporter for others on their life's journeys. He believes deeply in the innate ability of all beings to grow and learn from their experience and seeks to foster Self trust and Self love in others through sharing the insights and wisdom he has gleaned on his life's path. Will began his apprenticeship as a shamanic practitioner in 1999 and has had a full time shamanic practice since 2003. Will lives on Bainbridge Island and travels through the Northwest seeing clients for individual healing and spiritual counseling and offers workshops for those interested in learning how to access the unlimited support and compassionate care of the Helping Spirits and Teacher Guides who surround us.

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