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Laura Lewis Thayer is a Diplomat Jungian analyst trained in Zurich, and also holds degrees in Depth Psychology and East Asian medicine.  Following in the traditions of Jung and his protégé, von Franz, Laura studies the archetype of number.  She teaches lectures and seminars internationally, and practices Jungian analytical psychology and East Asian medicine privately in Port Townsend, Washington.

What People are saying about this class:

“Laura is a truly gifted teacher. She weaves a rich tapestry of ideas and images together in her talks, and is equally comfortable improvising based on the questions students bring. Her depth of knowledge …infused me with new ideas that I continue to turn around in my head and feel in my body. I have tasted only the tiniest sip of the nourishing bone broth for the soul that Laura has to offer. I look forward to continuing to learn more.”  –Kathryn M  

    “After each class I spent my hour commute home feeling enlightened and inspired with a gift of “understanding” deeper than I have ever felt before. I continue to refer back to class notes, and practice the valuable body-centered tools Laura provided us, for inspiration, guidance and growth. It all made so much sense…like putting the pieces of a puzzle together!  It’s no wonder Laura Lewis Thayer is in demand to lecture and teach at locations around the globe ~ we are SO fortunate to have her in our midst!” −Mitzi S

  “I took Laura’s workshop and it opened up new vistas to explore and to experience. Her emphasis on energy dynamics through psyche and body was especially helpful. Our bodily experience of archetypes in their ever intangible and yet powerful effect on us is a challenging topic to teach. I am grateful to Laura for excelling at it—bringing it to our focus of how to stay tuned to our body reaction and how understand its language while meditating on primordial life patterns—archetypes. The experience of Laura’s workshop was deep, moving, inspiring and gratifying.”   −Nina N