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INTRODUCTION TO TIBETAN BUDDHISM: the Practice of Great Compassion



Avalokiteshvara is the earthly manifestation of the self-born eternal Buddha Amitabha, whose figure is represented in his headdress, and he guards the world in the interval between the departure of the historical Buddha, Gautama, and the appearance of the future buddha, Maitreya.  Also known as Chenrezig and or Quan Yin,  you would also recognize him as Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama. 


Beginning with a 90-minute introductory class on Sunday, October 21st at 4:00pm, this weekly meditation series will continue until Sunday, December 16th, with the exception of Sunday, November 25th (Thanksgiving weekend).  Dana gifting is appreciated to pay for the center.
All are welcome to join our hearts and minds together in a meditative practice of loving kindness and compassion these Sunday evenings.  We will begin with an explanation of the prayers that we will recite together and instructions for the actual practice and calm abiding meditation.  We will learn breathing techniques, posture, mindfulness and awareness as we learn to sit with what arises in our own minds.


Terri Luoto, a long time practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism at the Sakya Center in Portland, OR, has recently moved to Port Townsend and is wanting to share the tools she has gained over two decades of learning and practice.  These times call for a unification of affirming what we do want, a recognition of our interdependence and the power of prayer (no matter what you call it or upon whom/what you call).


Your presence is invited.  Please contact Terri to reserve your cushion at: or by phone at 503-548-7524