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An experiential and informational workshop transcending you beyond into new potentials, new openings and connections. Your experiences will go beyond both the conventional spiritual traditions and mainstream practices you may be accustomed to. Aligning you to more of your sacred heritage and destiny increasing your consciousness, vibration and Light. Plus, clearing many limiting factors keeping you from expressing and Being You!


Experience and learn:

·         An ancient Egyptian Mystery School authentic 5D Stargate connection.

·         New scientific proven heart and multi-dimensional connection practices.

·         How to keep energetically strong in your vortex enhancing your ability to fulfill your life desires.

·         How to shift life potentials by removing limiting factors changing relationships and life dynamics.


Leave the event being more Light, more free, more aligned, more able, more connected, and more conscious!


Leave with a FREE copy of “The Spirituality of Success – Discover the Secrets that are Blocking You from Ultimate Success & the Life You Desire.”

Saturday, October 26, 10am-5pm
The cost of the event is $97 for the day.

Private Sessions available on Oct 27 and 28


Robert Novak is an inspiring teacher, speaker, author and Yuen Method master and instructor. Robert’s most profound work is opening and aligning a person more to their divine nature and their sacred destiny. Robert has the unique ability to pinpoint the answer that energetically, emotionally, and spiritually moves a limiting factor improving and progressing one’s life, one that can bring forth resolution to many symptomatic life struggles.

Robert is consistently elevating and enhancing others in his “Daily Light and Ascension Practices,” in weekly teleseminars, and in his 11-week “Evolution of You” 1-on-1 personalized mastery event. Robert is also a featured teacher and healer monthly on “Conscious Talk Radio.”

Earlier Event: October 21