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  • Madrona MindBody 200 Battery Way Port Townsend, WA, 98368 United States (map)

Would you like to offer a powerful, proven, and much-appreciated workshop to women in your community?

Take THE TRAINING to amplify your position as a local, trustworthy resource for women's self-care and transformation.

Presented by Katherine Macomber Millman, LMP

THE TRAINING is for seasoned practitioners: women who want to produce Entering The Healing Temple in their local communities. 

This is a 3-Month Licensing/Training, beginning September 21-24 in Port Townsend; with the remainder in Webinar format. It is experiential, as well as a didactic download: partly in-person, partly virtual. Interested? Fill out the application.

From Katherine: “Starting in Port Townsend, we’ve produced 15 Healing Temples in Washington, California and Michigan over the past 3 years… and can no longer keep up with the demand. The response from participants and staff, alike, is astonishing, and deeply gratifying. So it’s time to share!” 

What is “Entering the Healing Temple — A Day of Sanctuary for Women?”

A cross between a meditation retreat, a ritual, and a healing spa, The Temple’s unique structure allows women to gather together, and seamlessly drop the stresses of daily life. With 15 participants and 8 staff, it is like a stirring pot for mindful self-care… and gentle transformation.

Diving all day into the deep waters of self-nourishment, women emerge renewed — with clarity, peace of mind, and a clear sense of “what’s next.” It is a mostly-silent day, where participants are on a solo journey, in the company of other women.

Truly, a day to exhale. 

In this 3-month training, you will get everything you need to know to produce this day-long event, including:

  • choosing Healing Practitioners and other staff
  • getting out the word (including marketing templates)
  • mapping the day itself and all the steps to get there
  • creating and sticking to the budget
  • doing the admin/business/tech side of it all
  • and everything else you need to be prepared to work with staff & participants pre- and post-Temple

You’ll also get help recognizing the nuances of decision-making, communication and taking this kind of forward-thinking leadership role within your community. At the end of the training you'll be licensed to produce Entering The Healing Temple — A Day of Sanctuary for Women.

And then there’s the part about meeting the other women, who will be training, with you!

It’s going to be rich.

Do you want to become — or to amplify your position as — a local, trustworthy resource in your community, for women’s self-care and transformation? If you want to offer a powerful, proven, and much-appreciated workshop, without having to invent it yourself… if you want a platform from which to offer your own beautiful work in the world...

Join us!

Find out more about the day long Healing Temple: A Day of Sanctuary for Women on Friday, September 22 HERE


Biography of Presenter:
Katherine Macomber Millman

"I fell in love with bodywork over 30 years ago, and have been practicing it ever since. Lately, I've been exploring how the process of transformation is accelerated by using multiple healing modalities — hands-on and hands-off — in a group setting: the highly structured yet spacious and flowing day, Entering the Healing Temple – A Day of Sanctuary for Women

“I believe we're all trying to make the world a better place. What I notice is that when women are more connected to our bodies and our innate body wisdom, we make better decisions, we are better parents and lovers, and we are more powerful, effective leaders in our communities. I'm thrilled to offer Entering the Healing Temple: THE TRAINING as a way to make this day of sanctuary available to more women in more communities. Together we can provide a web of these sanctuaries for women's ongoing self nourishment and transformation. This, along with the space to reflect and be witnessed, is key for having the stamina to continuing doing our important work of showing up and changing the world.”

To begin the process, fill out the application (no obligations!) and Katherine will get back to you within 48 hours.