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ENTERING THE HEALING TEMPLE – A Day of Sanctuary for Couples

  • Madrona MindBody 200 Battery Way Port Townsend, WA, 98368 United States (map)

This Couples Temple has been cancelled:
there are not enough registrations to allow
the choreography of the day to Flow.

Please contact Katherine, if you would like to be on a list for future Temples.


When is the last time you focused on self-nourishment as a bridge/path to deeper intimacy with your partner


Entering the Healing Temple — A Day of Sanctuary for Couples
is a container where this is possible. This is a guided, many-layered journey that will have the feel of a day-long ritual.

Couples come in many forms: married or not, same gender or not, long-lived, or not, and more.

At Entering the Healing Temple — A Day of Sanctuary for Couples, we are calling you "Co-Hearts:" people who are “in it together” — whatever that means, to you. In this Day of Sanctuary for Couples, you will begin the day together. Then, each of you will be traveling on a solo journey, in a small group of kindred couple-spirits. You will have “input” (mini-sessions) from 5 Healing Practitioners, who will help catalyze and integrate your experience. You will have time to reflect, alone, with your journal; and time to share, in a small facilitated group. Near day’s end, you will return to your Co-Heart, where you can share some gems from your journey.

This mostly-silent day is a cross between a meditation retreat, a ritual, and a healing spa.

Join us! We’d love to have you.

“Our individual spiritual journey and our emotional development are deeply entwined with our ability to create an intimate union with another. …The health of (couples’) relationships (has) far more to do with self-awareness, commitment, openness, acceptance, shared values, and the ability to embrace differences and handle conflict — along with a strong attraction and liking for each other — than with the length of their courtship or the details of their personal history.” — Charlotte Kasl, PhD, If the Buddha Married — Creating Enduring Relationships on a Spiritual Path.

Katherine, a seasoned facilitator and healer, will be your guide.

Katherine Macomber Millman, known for her deep and masterfully intuitive bodywork, and facilitator of a number of group healing events in Port Townsend, will guide your overall journey. It will have the feel of a day-long ritual. Shannon Ryan, LMP, will be our Keeper of the Flow. Healing Practitioners are: Catherine Herrick, LMP, Shaina Noll, Catherine Seiffert, LMP, and two others to be decided.

Join us!


Fee: Per Couple: $795 (Early Bird: $725)

Go to Katherine Macomber Millman's website: Insight Bodywork  

Katherine Millman Macomber

Biography of Presenter
Katherine Macomber Millman

"I fell in love with bodywork over 30 years ago, and have been practicing it ever since. Lately, I've been exploring how the process of transformation is accelerated by using multiple healing modalities – hands-on and hands-off — in a group setting: the highly structured yet spacious and flowing day, Entering the Healing Temple – A Day of Sanctuary for Women. After every one of the 15 Healing Temples we have hosted, at least one person has asked, "Are you going to do one of these for men? Or for couples?" So, yes: it's finally time! This is a focused, private event for a small group of otherwise exceptionally busy couples, men, women, in couples of various forms, who are excited by the prospect of having sacred time, space, and the non-chatty presence of community to relax, receive, and allow their body's innate intelligence to emerge. It's a solo journey, in the company of kindred spirits. And I'm thrilled to be facilitating the whole day.

Contact Katherine with questions about this day of sanctuary.

Katherine Macomber Millman
Insight Bodywork
(360) 385-5982