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I BELIEVE IN ME ~ Girl's Movement Series


When was the last time you heard your child say, " I believe in me!" ?

Creative Kids Movement brings "I Believe in Me" to The Madrona MindBody Institute for 8-12 year olds who are ready to unfold their Greatness within through use of breath, reflection, yoga, and dance. Cara Faith will lead your child to UNplug from the buzz and plug INTO themselves.

Testimonials by parents and students from last series:

  • "My child gained: Sense of Self, Empowerment, & Love. An introduction to deeper journaling, that she now does at home!"
  • "Felt encouraged to believe in herself and seek inner expression."
  • "Loved it! Always excited to come."
  • "Powerful message. Had tears at the end of the dance. So glad she was exposed to this concept."
  • "Confidence was gained. True self and feelings encouraged."
  • Student, " Before I came to this camp, I felt I wasn't enough and now after your program, I feel I have permission to believe in myself. "

As an inspirational leader for kids, Cara Faith has connected with our youth in many roles over the last 20 years. She allows them to unplug from the buzz and plug into themselves through her books, and Creative Kids Movement classes. Her life purpose is to remind kids to celebrate their emotions, feel fully alive and be in good company with themselves!

Her various and joyful roles over the past 20 years have included being a: personal trainer, traveling Au Pair, Before and After School program director, long-term 3rd grade teacher, kids Yoga instructor, recreational leader, Girls' Circle facilitator, Unity Sunday school teacher, and currently a children's author and Creative Kids Movement Leader.

As our world gets more complex and we become disconnected from our true selves, Cara is driven to bring us back to simplicity. She shares her values from her upbringing of being interconnected with nature, respecting all creatures, and the importance to fully loving yourself.

To gain a taste of what kids experience in the Creative Kids Movement please watch: