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THE SPIRIT OF a Dance ~ Alicia Quaini

The Spirit of a Dance

The magic of getting lost in a sound and move that conquers your whole being

with Madame Blues ~ Alicia Quaini

BLUES DANCE is a phenomenon born at the times of ending slavery and has big exponents in the Delta of Mississippi area. For the first time, African Americans turn into a dance that is not religious but implies a social exchange with a partner. It seems very free, but it sure has its rules:

  • Encompasses all ages and has a basic philosophy of non discrimination.
  • Movement from its anatomical origins, as a tool of deeper expression.
  • Connection with Earth. Kneeling and sitting, two different approaches.
  • Connection with another.

Explore these aspects of Blues Dance:

  • Being ONE with the universe in the mystic encounter of dance.
  • Shifting weight - the axes.
  • The shoulders ... where do they go?
  • Support with support
  • Counter balance
  • The color of the music.
  • Free movement
  • Question and answer, the dialogue of two.
  • Creating resources with our body.
  • The sound, the instruments, the silence and the contrast.

No Partner necessary. All ages and levels are welcome.

Friday April 7, 6-8 pm
$16 Pre-registration by April 2, $20 after April 2


ALICIA QUAINI, has been performing dance for 30 years. A native of Argentina, daughter of Northern Italian Father and Southern France origin mother, born in Buenos Aires, a citizen of the world. She has lived a great part of her life in the United States and has also traveled to 58 countries around the world.
• Studied Contemporary Dance with the technique of Martha Graham,
• Participated in the Dance Body Expression Workshop of the School of Dramatic Art of Bogota,
• Was a member of the Contemporary Dance Group of the Theater section of the University of Mexico
• Practiced sacred dances with the Gurdjieff group in the United States.
• At the same time, she dedicated herself to Tango.
• Lately, she is committed to the dissemination of BLUES.

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