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Story means "store house". When a story possesses reminders and meaning needed during challenging times they become wisdom stories, sacred stories or places of treasured remembrance. It is then, when we have lost our way, that we can reach back into the "store house" of our ancestors to remember and revision what it is we burn for and how to awaken. 

For all of human history we have been sharing in the oral tradition of storytelling. It was a central vehicle for humans to impart wisdom, entertain, teach and retain information from generation to generation. In the past 100 years this enchanting, educational and heart-warming art has been all but lost on modern culture. 

Come join us for a mesmerizing evening of wisdom stories and drumming with world traveling percussionist, poet and storyteller John de Kadt.

Tickets Available at the Door: $20. Cash or Check only
Concert starts at 7pm

This event is oriented towards adults however it is certainly a magical journey for all humans big and small who love to be carried on the wings of adventure and myth and magic.

The hero's journey is your journey. Great mythological tales unlock secrets of our inner tapestry. You already are a hero jumping into the dragon and learning how to fly. This sojourn will take far and wide into the human experience and fire of being. Join acclaimed world percussionist, poet and storyteller John de Kadt for an enchanting time of rhythm and story that will stir the heart and ignite the imagination. John plays many instruments from around the globe and shares mythical tales from many cultures. He also performs unique drum poetry of his own work as well as those of the great mystics. Come, relax and be carried on the ancient wings of story while rooted in the rhythm of the drum….Enjoy! All ages welcome.

John de Kadt:  is an acclaimed percussionist, poet, and storyteller. John plays ethnic percussion instruments from across the globe and has a passion for spoken word, whether it’s in poetry, song, rap, or story. He plays with kirtan artists worldwide and is a founding member of the highly regarded devotional group The Hanumen. Motivated by a love of the earth, community, and wisdom traditions, John’s poetry and story stirs the heart and awakens us towards a remembrance of ourselves and the wildness of the natural world. His sixth album, Speak, will be released in fall of 2016.