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Welcoming Michael Molin-Skelton to Madrona

Let's Celebrate!

SoulFul Sunday Dance and Potluck Brunch

Come for free if you have never tried
Soul Motion before!
Come for half price if you already know that this class is for you. We want to celebrate YOU too!

Michael Molin-Skelton is not new to us here at Madrona. He has been visiting Madrona for years as he comes to lead workshops and Soul Motion Teacher Trainings. What is new and exciting is that he and his wife Anneli Molin-Skelton with their son Jaylan moved to Port Townsend this winter and are now an active part of our community. We are happy to welcome them! Michael will be teaching Soulful Sunday now when he isn't traveling the world teaching elsewhere. (Aletia Alvarez will continue teaching when Michael is out of town.) Get more details about what to expect at a Soulful Sunday Movement Class HERE!

APRIL 2 - We will celebrate Michael Molin-Skelton joining us.
A Special Soulful Sunday 10am-11:30am.
Followed by Community YUM YUM Potluck -
Bring a dish to share or feast on conversation with old and new friends.

Passing the torch - Press Release by Shelly Randall

Soul Motion is one of the biggest draws at Madrona, a sanctuary for conscious living and the moving arts that this year celebrates its 10th anniversary.

The popular “Soulful Sunday” Soul Motion class on Sunday mornings has the largest turnout of all the weekly classes, drawing between 25-80 participants and averaging 35-40.

The dance is “a facilitated movement journey that stays curious to both freedom and form,” says Aletia, who is also an experienced Soul Motion teacher. She brought the dance form to Madrona in 2007 and has led the classes for the past 10 years, building a devoted following.

“We’re an established dance community, a community that’s taken 10 years to cultivate,” she says proudly. “We’re a group of people who have learned to move together.”

Now Aletia is passing the Soulful Sunday torch to Michael. She will continue to lead the Tuesday morning Soul Motion class, “Movement as Meditation,” and will fill in for Michael when he is traveling, but she is shifting her focus to the business’s development and growing Madrona’s role at Fort Worden’s Lifelong Learning Center.

“To have someone of Michael’s caliber, with his international reputation, joining us—it’s a big deal,” says Madrona co-founder Aletia Alvarez.


“dance is not something I do, it is simply who I am.”

A few things Michael holds sacred: “the love of my life Anneli, the miracle we named Jaylan, friends that cherish and challenge me, dancing alone, dancing with you, love.“ Michael is a senior faculty member of the Soul Motion School.


“dance is not something I do, it is simply who I am.”

A bit more about Michael Molin-Skelton:
Michael reaches through dance rather than teaches to dance. He has been dancing since being pushed through the birth canal. After receiving a bachelor of fine arts degree from UCLA he performed and choreographed in companies both nationally and internationally for 15 years. He met Gabrielle Roth early in 1994. Later that year, at the request of Gabrielle, he began teaching the 5rhythms. Michael got his 5rhythms certification in 1998 and teacher certification in Soul Motion in 2001. He has been a 16 year student of continuum montage with Susan Harper and his teaching of the 5rhythms and Soul Motion has been greatly influenced by her mentoring. He is a certified Esalen massage practitioner since 1995 and is passionate about the art of touch.

Learn more about Soul Motion HERE

Learn more about Michael at his website Spiritweaves