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Body Eloquence: Kathya Kaye

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Body Eloquence

This straightforward practice offers value
to anyone who chooses to explore it, yielding an immediate sense of awareness and well-being.

With no previous training or knowledge required, Body Eloquence presents a range of focused, practical exercises to calm, strengthen and center. Accessible to all, Body Eloquence offers instructions for daily practice that can relieve stress and burn-out, psychological blocks and other unwelcome effects of modern life.

Whether you work with these exercises or five minutes or an hour a day, they help harmonize body, soul and spirit, enabling you to find your true self.

Grounded in Curative Eurythmy, informed by modern research in somatics and neuroplasticity, Body Eloquence is a therapeutic practice employing a rich vocabulary of guided movement and gesture to restore and maintain optimal physical and emotional balance.

A Body Eloquence gesture may involves stepping to rhythms with copper rods or balls; moving of forms to poetry or music and "soul exercises" which combine a vowel with a particular gesture representing an inner attitude. Many of these elements have a general "hygienic" effects of balancing body processes, allowing the specific speech and musical exercises to work more intensively.

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About Kathya Kaye, PhD:
Transpersonal Pychotherapist, specialist in Neuro-plasticity, Kathya Kaye has devoted her life to helping people to realize their full potential as human beings as a transformative teacher, healer, therapist, trainer and coach.  Her work touches on every stage of human development - from birth and early education to transitioning from life. She is a lifelong learner with degrees in Early Childhood and Special Education and a doctorate in Transpersonal Psychology. She has undertaken training in Dance, Eurythmy, Anthroposophy, Conscious Movement, Waldorf Education, Holotropic Breathwork, Merkaba - and has encyclopedic knowledge of topics ranging from mythology to homeopathy and quantum energetics.