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Electric cellist, vocalist & composer, JAMI SIEBER together with Grammy Award winning woodwind player and multi-instrumentalist, NANCY RUMBEL join in melodic richness to entrance us with their beautiful music!  Come join them for this beautiful evening!

Jami has performed at Madrona twice and each evening is a rich celebration of life and community. This will be her first time here with Nancy Rumbel.

“Sieber has been breaking ground, bridging gaps, and opening minds through music for decades.”
- North Kitsap Herald, 2008

JAMI SIEBER is a celebrated pioneer of her instrument with an inspiring and fearless style of performance that has been recognized internationally. Sieber creates her own kind of world music, boasting immediate emotional impact and conveying a visionary presence that goes beyond the gorgeous melodies and tribal rhythms. Reaching inside the soul with compositions that are lush and powerfully evocative, her music transforms from the deepest stillness to moving melodies and rhythms that light the heart on fire. Her life-long commitment to the environment, social justice, and the healing arts is at the heart of her music, reflecting a deep dedication to the arts as a medium of exploration and awareness of the interconnectedness of all beings.

In Jami Sieber’s hands, the cello becomes a statement for longing and freedom, for unbridled expression, and a prayer to tenderness that encompasses every emotion.
— Lloyd Barde, Music Editor - Common Ground Magazine

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This sometimes ethereal, sometimes hard-edged musician has earned rave reviews throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. Employing looping devices and electronics to create sounds never before associated with the cello, Sieber transforms her solo instrument into an orchestra of sound that opens the heart, defies the mind, and sets the body dancing. Sieber's musical path has traveled from classical to folk to rock/pop to world to where she now stands in her own unique style. Since launching her solo career in 1994, she has performed her original compositions around the world, diving into dynamic collaborations with an extraordinary spectrum of dancers, actors, poets, visual artists, improvisers, vocalists, and instrumentalists that span the globe. She has been commissioned to compose for film, theatre,  dance,  and her compositions have been used in the popular video game – Braid.

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Tickets are prepurchased for $20 or $25 at the door.
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NANCY RUMBEL is a professional composer, recording artist, performer and teacher. Her primary instruments are oboe, English horn, double wooden ocarinas, clay ocarinas and keyboards. She is well known for her work for the past 28 years with the GRAMMY award-winning duo Tingstad & Rumbel. She has also recorded on releases with Susan Osborn, Cris Williamson, Lydia McCauley and most recently Wind Music of Taiwan.  In the late 70s/early 80s she toured and recorded extensively with the Paul Winter Consort.

HER gifts, perseverance, sense of adventure, humor and good fortune have allowed her to share her music with thousands of people in hundreds of unique venues including: Carnegie Hall, the Ho-Am Award Ceremony in Seoul Korea, Buddhist temples in Japan, Yellowstone, Yosemite and Grand Canyon National Parks, the grey whale calfing grounds in Mexico, rural and urban America, the Missouri Botanic Garden, Bloedel Reserve and the Cibolo Nature Center to name a few. She has orchestrated several compositions as well as arranged and composed a concert of choral music.