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Crafting the Center: A Beginning Cocréa Workshop

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Wren LaFeet and Antje Schäfer bring you somatic tools for connection and exploring kinetic intimacy with sovereignty on the dance floor. This beginning Cocréa workshop will offer you a solid introduction to Fusion partner dancing with their unique twist that seamlessly integrates relational dynamics, and the spiritual philosophy of partner dance as an awareness practice for personal growth. 

If you've been wanting to get into Fusion, deepen relational and personal development, explore embodiment, or any combination thereof, this workshop is a perfect entry point. All of the basic skills required for entering into structured partner dance on any dance floor will be covered, and we'll gently guide you into a space of personal discovery and greater awareness of your impact and potential for positive contribution to a collective experience.


$25 Pre-Register (Before Sep 18th)
$35 After Sep 18th
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Tuesday, Sept. 20th
6:30pm - 9:30pm

Email Wren LaFeet with questions. HERE

Cocréa is Collaborative, Organic Communication, Revolutionizing Embodied Awareness; an emergent style of Fusion Partner Dance that focuses on presence, compassion and faith with and in others, developing expression towards the goal of dancing in intuitive, conversational improvisation to ANY style of music. 

As a self-organizing consciousness, Cocréa is synthesizing the myriad embodiment practices developed by humanity, guiding us into a deeper practice of presence and mastery of our physical, mental and spiritual selves. As we continue in our evolutionary process, Cocréa is on an INvolutionary pathway into our DNA, meeting us in a visionary field of awareness where dance and relationship merge to inspire, challenge, and prompt a new spiritual practice based not in transcending our embodied state, but accepting and celebrating it. In this new forum of applied spirituality, we can offer ourselves as conduits for this consciousness to move through; to model for and awaken in others sensual right relationship, intimacy with sovereignty, and radical presence and respect for the gift of life on this beautiful planet Earth. The only job "the Dancer" really has to perform, is to get out of their own way and be danced. 

Wren LaFeet and Antje Schäfer

Wren and Antje co-create safer spaces for partnered exploration in movement and interpersonal connection, working internationally in support of strengthening and enlivening communities through dance. Wren is a celebrated TEDx, Body Intelligence Summit, and Conscious Dancer Podcast speaker. He holds a BA in Drama and Dance from the University of Washington. In Portland, Antje produces the Nectar Fusion Project, an interactive monthly Fusion dance bridging the worlds of partner and ecstatic dance, installation art, and DJed and live music. Teaching as featured presenters at festivals and in communities across North America since 2011, they have presented at Stanford University's Design For Dance Conference promoting dance in the work place, several much celebrated three-day retreats, and are contributors to the published work, "ReInhabiting the Village" - a tome outlining best practices for cocreating intentional community. Their work together in co-producing the memorable Connexus events in San Francisco have been instrumental in inspiring an interest in intentional partnered dance. Their newest collaboration with Awake At Work Institute is pushing the edges of innovation introducing mindfulness and embodiment practices into corporate and mass culture.