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Writer and Dancer Afrose Ahmed brings the mind and body together with this writing series.

As children, most of us did not experience writing as play. The well-meaning adults in our lives focused on correcting our creations for spelling, grammar and handwriting, rather than applauding our creativity. Our schools trained us to write from the left brain, to edit before daring to let the words loose on the page like wild animals and to ignore all feeling in our bodies. It's no wonder that many of us who are called to write inevitably feel the cold, dead hands of "writer's block" around our necks. 

As John Lee says in Writing From the Body, many of us are tired of living in "the little closet between our ears." Our voice does not only live in our heads with our thoughts but also with the sounds in our throats, the breath in our lungs and the food in our bellies. How many stories are hiding out in your toes, your hips, the tip of your nose?
In this workshop, we won't produce polished writing, exchange critiques or discuss craft. Instead, we'll focus on interrupting the high speed data cord from our brains to our writing hands and laying down new lines of connection from all parts of our bodies to the page. No prior writing experience is required. We will leave beginner's writing mind and enter beginner's writing body through breath, sound, smell, taste, sight, touch and movement as well as writing, our own and others'. We will take away many tools to creating work that is raw, visceral, sensual and wild.

Tuesdays from 2 to 4 pm
Madrona Mindbody Institute, Fort Worden
July 21, 28, August 4, 11, 18.
Cost: $125
Register at: The Writer's Workshoppe, 820 Water St, Port Townsend. 360-379-2617

BIO: afrose fatima ahmed is a writer, teacher and translator of Urdu poetry. She has an M.A. in Asian Languages and Literature from the University of Texas. Her teaching and facilitation experiences range widely from domestic violence support groups to community organizing projects to graduate school test prep courses. Her movement practices include Nia dance, rock climbing and hiking. See more of her her work at

Register at: The Writer's Workshoppe, 820 Water ST, Port Townsend, WA
or Call: 360-379-2617