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VITALICONFERENCE: Vitality, virility and productivity through Biophysics

At VitaliConference, you will learn hands-on how to apply biophysics to attain and support your vitality.

From learning how to grow sprouts, to learning why sprouts emit bursts of light to why this is your best source of nourishment, VitaliConference provides you with 10 ways to apply biophysics to your life.

Life loves life.

At  VITALITY INSTITUTE,  we apply the Electric Universe knowledge to the electric universe in you.

  • First we learn about electron flow out there, then we apply it to electron flow here.
  • Electron flow forms our knowledge, and this knowledge informs our choices in taking care of ourselves.
  • If we don’t take care of our bodies and the earth, where are we going to live?

Looking forward to learning with you at VitaliConference!


VitaliConference is organized by Natalie Nagel of Vitality Institute

You can register by contacting Natalie Nagel.

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This is the first and only VitaliConference in North America. Future conferences are planned for Europe and Brazil.

The following short films give you a feel for biophysics, focusing on electron flow in living systems.
Why is this important?
Because electron flow forms and powers the universe; electron flow in water forms and powers you.
99% of the universe is plasma, separation of positive and negative charge. 99% of the molecules in your body is water having separation of charge. ( Dr. Gerald Pollack )
Vitality depends on providing and protecting the electron flow in the water in the body.
I healed myself when my liver was failing 5 years ago by applying this knowledge. From there, I, Natalie Nagel, switched from teaching engineers to publishing the beginning of my biophysics research.

What does it mean to say we live in a plasma universe? And why is the plasma universe an electric universe? Here David Talbott offers a simple answer.

Biophysics, for the most part, is not applied to human vitality in the medical setting. However, the Chinese applied some of the principles of biophysics through acupuncture, for example, thousands of years ago. Yoga is also partially based on biophysics.
The above preliminary paper was meant only for my colleagues. I presented it at the University of Maryland July 2013.  It gives you a feel for the primacy of electromagnetism in the universe. Please do not forward it as it is copyrighted. Below and on our website you will see some of our colleagues.

Cameron Mercer, recipient of a Natural Philosophy Alliance/Electric Universe conference scholarship.

Earlier Event: July 25
Later Event: August 30