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Synakinesia is a fusion of archaic movement and modern free flow fluid movement to encourage the artistic sensitivity of the dancer from many diferrent standpoints and allow for an introduction into Butoh Japanese Dance Expression combined with the underlying integrity of classical fluidity introduced first by Isadora Duncan at the turn of the century.

Kristin Halvorson graduated from the Tisch School of the Arts. She studied with Viola Farber,Trisha Brown and Milton Myers, worked in Modern Dance Companies, with Odin Theatre in Denmark as well as in Pontremoli Italy with Eugenio Barba. She has also worked with Dance Theatre Companies such as Derevo in Germany and Feuer Vogel and has choreographed and danced with Su-En Butoh in Sweden.

Price $30 ~ Contact Kristin Halvorson to register: or 206 605 5827

All about Kristin's Dance:

Dance is a way for us to merge with the infinite in each moment,our breath and gesture complimenting our Soul's awareness. While dancing, the body is uplifted by Soul's embrace with the infinite and is a clear expression of full potential. 

I am a dancer, classically trained then formed through Modern dance techniques ranging from Isadora Duncan to Merce Cunningham and transformed through expressive ethnic dance styles originating in Africa, India and Japan.  Dance is and has been my life.

When I discovered Butoh dance, I was thunderstruck, emotionally paralyzed as if time had stopped. It was dance but not what I had previously defined as such, almost the antipode to all I believed to be aesthetically whole and fulfilling.  Here the body was revealing what the Soul already had manifested in an almost excruciatingly detailed slowness the human with all of her desires and longings brought to life for the attainment of some brief eternal yet seemingly fleeting harmony.

I realized that rather than being opposed to what I saw as dance it was a technique which lets the mature dancer to emerge, inducing new movement ability and mind body control. As Isadora Duncan freed us from the constraints of classical ballet allowing the body to be lead by the heart, being more important than purely physical technique, Butoh allows us as dancers and those learning to find their dance a tangible grace and loftiness perhaps otherwise unknown. 

I have formed a type of movement training called Synakinesia which is basically a combination of these two tangential seemingly opposed but very related dance forms.

The juxtapostion of symmetry and rhythmic cadence with microtonal introverted gesture resistant and without boundary, controlled yet wildly seeking and flowing is what I teach and try to inspire in anyone who wishes to partake.