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THE MORNING SOJOURN ~ Aletia Anna Alvarez

  • Madrona MindBody Institute 310 Fort Worden Way Port Townsend, WA 98368 USA (map)

What happens when we begin our day with dance?

Imagine waking up in the morning and dancing first thing.

Imagine as you step onto the dance floor, other groups of dancers, in different cities are doing the exact same thing.

How would that change your dance, your day, your year? You don’t have to imagine it—you can do it.

January 9 ~ 22, 2017
[14 consecutive mornings, including weekends]

Cost: $140 (includes journal created by Winky Wheeler with poetry, inspiration, inquiries and space to write)
Registration required, sorry no drop-ins. Your choice of how many mornings you do attend. Satellite attendance possibilities offered with music provided.  

Every morning at 7:15am ~ Except Tuesdays w/ongoing Movement Meditation class 8:00 - 9:00 am and Sunday at 8:00am.  (Sojourners are invited to join Soulful Sunday at 10 am - complimentary)

The Morning Sojourn will be offered simultaneously in many places with the same format. Dancers everywhere gather in silence for a short sit, allowing the dance to arrive from a place of stillness. There will be no guided instruction... just each of us meeting the music, the dance, and the unfolding day together. We exit in silence.
Simple. Profound.

A customized journal offers inspiration. The same music is played in all venues each day. A Facebook group page brings connection off the dance floor.

While The Morning Sojourn began in Portland, Oregon, our circle continues to expand beyond the Pacific Northwest and across oceans. As more of us hear the call to join together in this deep inquiry, I invite you to pause and consider the power of stepping into the dance with us, across time zones and continents. For fourteen days we’ll embark on a unique solo journey that is shared by the good company of fellow dancers. Our intentions will be held in many hearts and danced by many feet. How will experiencing this change your day, your dance, your life? I invite you to find out.


NEW INSPIRATION: This year Glo Lamson will be offering a creative art space at Madrona directly following the Morning Sojourn for you to dive a little deeper into your creative space. FIND OUT MORE HERE!

About the Facilitators:

winky 711.jpg

Winky Wheeler - Soul Motion Facilitator teaching in Portland Oregon
sees inhabiting the body through dance as a powerful and transformative act on the path of self-discovery, personal change and fully engaged living. She delights in the way our dance moves us and influences the world around us. 

Aletia Alvarez

Aletia A Alvarez - Co-Founder of Madrona MindBody Institute
Aletia is a facilitator of creative movement.  She calls herself a dance detective - a keen investigator of following the cues of somatic awareness.  Aletia works with groups and individuals that see themselves as cultural creatives...those individuals, innovative businesses, artists, activists, healers, and seekers that understand that it is time to forge new and innovative pathways, find the courage to align and listen to an inner call, or voice, or knowing.  She invites your curiosity to a meeting place -  the Morning Sojourn - starting 14 of your January mornings with movement, meditation, journalling and inner discovery.  Let's see what happens.