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Mindful Movement

Give your body a treat by joining a MINDFUL MOVEMENT class

Mindful Movement classes, facilitated by Ingrid Musson, are a mix of movement exploration, strengthening and stretching.

If we don't know how we move in our daily lives, we have no way of changing inefficient movement patterns. In the classes participants will be exploring motions, often related to functional activities. New options will be learned through guided movement sequences, inviting the person to find out what works best for them. Ways to strengthen and lengthen muscles will be part of the class to help improve functional abilities.

Wednesdays 5:15-6:15 p.m.

** Please note: No Classes July, August and December. Check here for other class cancelLations.

Theme for June Classes will be: Neck, Shoulder, Hand Connections

Throughout a day it is not unusual to miss use and abuse our hands, which can contribute to chronic tension in our neck and shoulders. Awareness is the key to more intelligent functioning and there are many self-help strategies for keeping those areas happy.

Thumb Help

The thumb pad can get very tight and sore, sometimes leading to joint subluxation. Open you hands very wide and place on table. Gently put weight through your hands to stretch fingers and wrists. Massaging your thumb pads can also be very helpful.

Drop-in or use your class card.


For more inquires, please call Ingrid Musson at 360 379 1373

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