Craniosacral, Visceral Therapy, & Myofascial Release with Jodi Ericksen-Sarti


Guided by your body's wisdom, Jodi's work infuses a formal understand of human physiology and various health issues, with a deep tool box of healing modalities. Sessions are intuitively infused with Craniosacral, Visceral therapy, Myofascial release, Swedish massage, Reiki, Trigger point therapy, and are encompassed by gentle healing energy. Jodi strives to always work within your comfort zone, at your pace.

"I believe the wisdom of our experiences, our joy, pain, grief, and unresolved emotion, are held within our body. Unresolved emotion and stress manifests as pain, discomfort, illness, lack of motivation, depression, etc. I believe bodywork is essential in assisting release of what our bodies hold. Release leads to a state of wellbeing, and when we are in a state of wellbeing our bodies more effectively maintain innate, physiological, healing mechanisms responsible for overall health. I believe in the body's wisdom, and enjoy holding space for others to tap into that wisdom, and find their personal state of wellbeing."

Massage Treatments

  • 60 minutes $85

  • 90 minutes $125

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Gift certificates available. Cash, credit cards, and checks are accepted.

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License # MA00013457

“Jodi was extremely client-centered and knowledgeable. She relieved a lot of the tension/pain I had been feeling. I haven’t had such a personalized massage in years! Thank you!”
— S. P. July 2019