MADRONA WELCOMES YOU...and the gifts you offer! 

Please submit this form if you are inquiring about offering a workshop, concert, special event, weekly or ongoing series or would like to rent the venue for a special occasion.

We need to know a little more about who you are and what you would like to provide at Madrona.

Please fill out the form as best as you can. Once Madrona's Programs Team has a chance to review, we will contact you with any questions and cover any details, or questions you have.  The more information you can provide us, the easier it will be for us support you. 

If you are NEW to Madrona and want to teach a regular weekly class or ongoing series (or special event) we invite you to also submit information below.  To become a ongoing Madrona Teacher - we initial rent you the space  (if space is available) for the first two to three months - after which you can request to become part of the Madrona Teaching Staff and be part of the schedule and regular promotions.  

We look forward to meeting you!    
Thank you,   Madrona Programs Team

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