THE SOMATICS OF CONNECTION: Fundamentals of Contact Improvisation

Weekend Workshop  October 2-3, 2010
Saturday 12-4, Sunday 12-4

so•ma•tic (soh•mah•tick) adj.  Of or pertaining to the psycho-biological system [from Greek SOMA:  "the living body in its wholeness."] 

As the pace of techno-industrial society races ever faster, the needs our bodies are often overlooked, creating disconnection from our own flesh and from our communities. This class reaffirms both our basic rights and our innate capacities to feel our bodies deeply.  Through a series of simple exercises and games, we will focus on the sensations of healing connection offered by partnering with breath, with gravity, with earth, and with others.

A deep exploration of fundamentals makes this class suitable for both first-timers seeking basic skills in contact dance, and experienced practitioners seeking to deepen their practice, as well as anyone seeking to feel more "in their body."

Please bring comfortable clothing (no sharp buckles, clasps, zippers or spangles) and a willingness to play.

The Somatics of Connection:  Fundamentals of Contact Improvisation

Cost:  $85-$65 sliding scale.
Pre-registration required by September 20th

About Nala Walla, MSc:

Nala is a lifelong student of the embodied arts.  She studied dance and environmental sciences at Dartmouth and the University of Washington, and continues her somatic movement education at Moving On Center, and the Center for Kinesthetic Education.  Nala holds a Masters Degree in Integrative Arts and Ecology, offering private and group facilitation & consultation.  She is also a certified permaculture designer, performer, and hulahooper.

Nala's work weaves somatic and release techniques with improvisation and participatory theater, all in service of building healthy ecology and community.  Currently, Nala performs with the Harmonica Pocket Children's Show, co-directs the arts and ecology project The Bcollective, and practices off-grid permaculture and homesteading full-time on Marrowstone Island.  INFO:      360.643.3747