Classes will resume in the fall, stay tuned!

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A Traditional African Dance Class to live drumming. The dances and rhythms are from West Africa; mostly Guinea and Mali where Rae Kala studied.The dances hold stories and meaning in all ways and are for every body and ability. We encourage all levels. It is an athletic and aerobic dance form but it is also village dance... meaning it’s for all from 8-80 years.



About Rae Kala

African Dancing is my favorite thing… A lifetime ago I went to West Africa to study traditional African Dance, Drumming & Songs…. It was a “follow your bliss” trip and it has been my passion and source of joy for years. I studied in Guinea and Mali with Masters from National Ballet Companies as well as studying in the states for many years. I mostly access the dances I learned there, and I try to study and keep adding new information as I can integrate it. I have recently moved back to Port Townsend where I am happy to resume dancing and teaching African Dance after a long stretch of traveling and raising kiddos. These days I am working at the hospital as an Occupational Therapist and will begin teaching Dance for Parkinson’s soon.